Photography by Gretar Gunnlaugsson • Art direction by Pierre Daras and Tony Delcampe • Model : Marthe from IMM Bruxelles

Mur Murs

The Wall

A body that crosses a Wall.

A wall is a 2D plan composed of several layers. Layers of time that wrap around the body.

I open a window in this wall and an ancient piece of garment emerges.

I mostly worked with existing materials such as bedsheets, tapestry, and aimed at giving them a new life.


Photography by Victor Pattyn • Leather boots and pumps developed with Mathias Riera, Vitorino Coelho and Mégisserie de la Molière // Photography by Théo Desmaizières • Model : Dara Tombroff  


Photography by Alice Pallot •  Makeup by Daphne Duviver • Models : Laurence Van de Perre from Dominique Models, Charlotte Henriette

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